26 August 2010


yeah, yeah...i'm still pregnant. only a few days overdue, but still.... and technically, from everything that i've read, i'm not even considered overdue or "post-term" until 42 weeks, since the average gestational age is between 38-42 weeks. does that make me feel any better? not really.

things i've learned about being "overdue":

every morning that i don't wake up in a pool of water or withering pain is a disappointment.

looks and words that were once of happiness and encouragement have turned into pity and sorrow.

bless your heart is the most common phrase heard in my day.

any phone call i make now must be strategically placed to avoid a panic-stricken, "are you in labor??". (this applies most specifically to Cort and my mom)

calories matter even less than they did before, and most food sounds horrible.

old wives tales for natural induction do not work.

i'm trying to avoid seeing people i know because i kind of feel like a disappointment.

minutes seem like hours. hours seem like days. and i need a hobby.

**no progress (as in dilation), no signs of labor. i'm headed to the doctor tomorrow to get a biophysical profile and hopefully the little wee is still thriving so i can avoid induction. i'll keep you updated.

now tell me...were you "overdue"??


Wendy said...

You are adorable, that little man will be here before you know it!

Kristin said...

Laura! I read your post and think of how frustrated I would feel in your shoes! I am thinking of you and your little guy and am excited for the day he makes his appearence! I am so hoping this doesn't happen to me. I feel more pressure to have him on time since my mom flys in on his due date and then leaves 10 days latter.
good luck with everything!!

Krista said...

my dr. wouldn't let me go past 40 weeks...i was induced with both. i love being induced because i hate surprises...especially ones that come with pain. i prefer to know when the pain is gonna come so i can do everything possible to avoid it. thank you epidural!
have you tried castor oil. that works for sure i've heard...but then i also heard you poop. so, probably not worth it.
enjoy this time with cort. go on dates...movies, dinners...walks..those little things that you don't quite realize are so much more relaxing without little ones.

anna said...

Hang in there Laura. Just tell him the sooner her gets here, the sooner we can take him to Disneyland.

Love you!

The Campbells said...

Hang in there, Laura. He will be here before you know it. Love you.

Amy E. Campbell said...

Bake some brownies and lure him out with the aroma.

Melissa said...

Hey Laura,

It sounds like no fun.....I can't say I know how you feel-yet. He is just so comfortable that he doesn't want to come out? I will keep crossing my fingers for you:-)

Love you!

Bret and Cherissa Newton said...

Laura, I saw your blog and had to comment. The whole "ticking time-bomb" is the most miserable feeling! Just get everything you can ready for when he comes. I'm sure you've done this long before now, but there is always more to do! Good luck with the delivery and the first few weeks of parenthood!

Morgan@LittleHouseofVeggies said...

On baby #1 YES, overdue by 1 week, and then they induced me. Hang in ther, or should I say Bless your heart! haha. I have been there, and it aint comfortable!!! I will be thinking of you!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley and Ezra said...

Ok, he is just giving you a little more time to be alone with just you and Cort... love this time, because before you know it you will no longer have a life of your own! I know I make it sound terrible, but it's hard and wonderful, so enjoy these days, and look forward to whats to come! Im praying for you! Miss and love you! Hang in there!

Katie said...

Hey Laura, maybe you've had your babe by now? I was 10 days overdue with Lucy and had to be induced. She was 9 pounds and it was really hard. Carmen was 6 days over due, and was 8.2. Eden was born on her due date and was 7.3. Grant was 5 days early and was 7.13. I had to be induced with all of them due to my severely inactive uterus. I still have super painful contractions, they just don't really do anything...darn! But once it's all said and done, I'm so over the labor process and so happy with motherhood :)