12 May 2010

good things and bad things.

summit, sun valley, id. image via here.

pretty, huh? i'll be headed there in a little over a week for a vacation with the fam, and i'm ecstatic about it. usually, when i come in town, i'm interrupting everyone's schedule, following my mom around all day and forcing them to hang out with me. i rarely get a week of uninterrupted time with the family, all at once.

i appreciate all the input on the stroller-situation. i'll be checking out all your suggestions. majority seems to go to the BOB. i was a little hesitant at first, thinking it was all hype, but after all the rave reviews, i'm definitely leaning towards the jogger.

i was able to spend some time with a handful of women under the age of 35 last night. this rarely happens (as i'm usually hanging out with a lively group of women over 60), and i had a great time. i came home to the smiley-faced love of my life last night, back from his trip to charlotte. this is the first conversation we had:

him: i did some good things and bad things tonight.
me: (laughing) ok, what are the good things?
him: i went on a long run.
me: (still laughing) great, what are the bad?
him: let's just say...all the ice cream is gone.

you have to admit...we make the perfect couple.

i'll dedicate a post on the fabulosity that is texas blue bell ice cream one of these days. you should come visit, if just for this.


Susan said...

Cort sounds just like me. We like to cancel out any sort of physical activity we just did by eating like crazy right after. It's the best.

Susan said...

that comment was anna's... i'm on mom's computer.

Nate and Lynlee said...

I was just catching up on some of your posts (I don't get on here as much anymore.) First off, you'll love the BOB stroller! That's what we have and it works like a champ! We will probably get a Maclaren
stroller in a couple months though, so we can also have a smaller stroller.

You seem like you're full of life Laura. I miss you guys so much. I promise when we have sufficient funds, we'll come visit. I know Nate really misses Cort as well! We love you three!