02 April 2010


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easter is my favorite holiday. besides bringing in the fresh feeling of spring, it is another opportunity to eat lots of food and spend lots of time with loved ones. i have such great memories of dying easter eggs, hunting them and then eating them on easter morning. i love the kind of traditions that are born without any kind of effort. 

it's kind of getting to me more this year, not spending the holiday with my family. luckily, the husband does such a good job making me feel twice as loved on the holidays we are unable to make it home, and wanting to make them extra special. after a texas-style easter brunch, we will be heading over to this family's home - as they have unwillingly become our family here in dallas. i will be making a heaping bowl of this delicious salad. its a holiday staple in the Campbell home, and though i can't make it as good as my mom can, i'll still try. 

i hope your easter weekend is as lovely as it should be. 

"He takes men out of time and makes them feel eternity." ~ ralph w. emerson

happy easter. xo.

*oh, and for those who will be watching, happy conference weekend! for a great easter conference talk, click here


Ashley Blackburn said...

I feel so connected to you right now. :)

Anna said...

It really is the best holiday. I'm sad we aren't spending it together. But hey, anywhere with 80 degree weather right now sounds like a pretty nice place to spend Easter.

Love you!

The Campbells said...

So jealous of the nice warm Texas weather. Hope you have a happy easter. Love ya!