23 March 2010

tuesday love

i'm pretty sure i want to live in this house.
and bake bread. 
and make jam. 
from the fruit trees in my backyard. 
all while wearing an apron. 
and probably a skirt. 
then walk barefoot in the grass.

images found here.

happy tuesday. xo.


Kristin said...

oh me too!! i love all those pics! xo

Anna said...

Looks like a dream! I'll join you.

CoLiE-O said...

WHAT!!!??! you're pregnant???? congrats!!!!!

Jamie said...

Laura...I think our souls speak the same language! I love this post, and would love to do everything you said, I also love Cadbury eggs, and I've loved Cortney since I kicked him in the shins with my cowgirl boots in the 3rd grade!!! And I've always loved you too!! Congrats on Dallas, can't wait to hear all about it, and especially congrats on baby! That is so exciting! Enjoy this part of life's journey!

The Dumas Family said...

There is nothing wrong with your little one. As my doctor used to tell me with Laney, you're just not in tune with your little spirit yet. Once you feel it once you will feel it all the time and it will drive Cort nuts until he can feel it. You're next pregnancy you'll feel it right away so early. I didn't feel Laney until nearly 20 weeks! Don't be discouraged. You'll have to let me know as soon as you feel it so call me, day or night! I'm glad things are going well in Texas and people are being nice to you. I'm glad your hubby has found his land of cowboy soulmates. Tell him Coppenhagan will give him a buzz :0) Talk to you soon, lovey!