22 March 2010

this is what i know.

texas is friendly.

and that alone, is enough to make me happy. never before have i had so many people interested in our story and what brought us to the "great state of texas". although, i'm still adjusting, the husband is already in cowboy heaven. it's almost as if he's been waiting his whole life to get here.

after a long week spent in utah with family - which may have been the worst idea right before moving farther away from them than i've ever been in my life - my parents took the trek with us to our new home. 22 hours in the car driving (25 if you count my more than often restroom breaks - note the new widget to the side), 2 nights spent in hotels, more fast food consumed than ever necessary, a few dodgy small-town diners on the way, and we finally arrived. 

we have spent the last week unpacking, organizing and watching episode after episode of friday night lights - trying to instill in us some of that texas forever pride.

looking forward to an early spring - from what i hear, it should be warming up here pretty quickly. if, you ignore the 2 inches of snow (you read me right) we received this weekend. there is just something about spring to me that is rejuvenating, renewing and fresh. i'll be spending the next week trying to teach myself how to be a good housewife and getting settled in our new home. 

a few projects on the horizon - party planning for this girl and this girl. as well as spring cleaning and a huge trip to good will while trying to simplify. also, an attempt to bake bread and sew a quilt. two firsts for me. no time like the present to try new things.

also, the words of encouragement on my last post couldn't have been more encouraging, helpful and appreciated. y'all are too nice. 

keep reading. i'll be updating. xo.


The Neilson Family said...

So glad to hear you are settling in! Miss you already. I can't wait to hear what baby Nelson is going to be. Exciting!!

Kristin said...

oh my goodness! congrats on the little one!! i had no clue! i must have missed a post! do you know what your having yet? glad you made it safe to your new place. i just had to do that not too long ago. i love tx, and i am sure you will too!! congrats on everything!! its so fun to be on an adventure!!!

Anna said...

Oh laura. So pleased to hear Texas is treating you well and that Cort is now in his element. I also can't wait for little baby Nelson... August seems like it's right around the corner!

Missing you, love you.

Amy E. Campbell said...

I'm really liking Texas Laura and Cortney...everything is finally coming full circle. Can't wait to visit!

Oh and did I mention that I love Friday Night Lights? Yes me, your nerdy sister actually likes a TV drama show.

I miss you already and can't wait to find out what the little one is going to be. My vote: girl.


Kristin said...

thanks for the comment!! we found out so early cause we just moved to ct and our doc did an ultra sound and found the sex! we were so excited since i just miscarried in december. I can't wait to know what your having! its like christmas!! have fun in tx...xo!

Cason and Marie said...

Congratulations!!!!!! We are due one day apart! How funny. I am so happy for you guys!

What a fun adventure in Texas. It sounds like you are enjoying it!

Wendy said...

How fun!! So excited for you and the new babe! I think you could go anywhere and make it home! Enjoy it!

Morgan-- said...

Wow Laura! COngrats on the little one! That is sooooo exciting! Im glad your adjusting to Texas ok. Moves always take some adjusting, right?!
THe part about Cort being in cowboy heaven makes me laugh!!!
Im am really happy for the two of you and this new chapter of your life, it will be good, Im sure of it!

Krista said...

you're pregnant! so excited for you. are you "fixin" to be there long enough for your little one to take on a texas accent?! i hope so...so unbearably cute! hope you're feelin well!!!

Colleen said...

Hooray! Congrats on the bun in the oven!! I'm totally picturing Cort in full fledged cowboy gear (giant belt buckle and all) with a huge smile on his face - its making me laugh out loud as I type this. So glad Texas is treating you two well.

Ashley Blackburn said...

i'm excited to hear about your many Texas adventures. :)

Sarah M said...

Laura, long time no comment... where does the time go???
Congrats on your move. That is so exciting but not as exciting as the little one on the way. Hooray! Nothing better in the whole wide world. You will be an amazing mother. I am due in May and am gearing myself up for a natural birth this go round... I wouldn't be surprised if that was on your mind.
Best of luck with everything!

The Campbells said...

Good to hear that Texas is treating you well. Can't wait to hear what Baby Nelson is going to be. We are just too excited around here!
I want to hear how the bread making goes. That is something I have never done and would really like to try.

Erin Bradley said...

Can't wait to come visit soon...might have to jump on a plane tonight since I haven't been able to get ahold of you:)!

Miah has already asked me at least 107 times..."has Cort seen any "real" cowboy's", "Does Cort see lots of cowboys", "sooo, how many cowboys has Cortney seen".

Just have Cort find a horse show going on every other weekend, and you guys won't be able to get rid of us!!!

Jonathan said...

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Just don't become fans of Dallas sports - The Mavericks, The Cowboys - Anyone but them!!