22 January 2010

oh, hello....

has it really almost been two months since i last posted? time sure does fly. truth be told, i needed a break. a break from the blog surfing, a break from hearing from myself, a break from the world wide web. but after a little nudging from my sweet mother, i'm back...giving blogging another try. 

2010 has left me anxious. but the good kind of anxious. instead of thinking this year, i'd much rather do. more reading, more quality time spent with loved ones, more creativity, more thinking of others...just more of everything. i have a good feeling about the year of two even digits: a big wedding, a big move, the year of my (cough) 27th birthday, my first wedding anniversary, and great surprises....lots of good things to come. 

as the husband and i still reside in san francisco for the next month, we are anxiously awaiting where his job will place us. as much as i have loved this time in the city, i am ready to move on. ready to get settled. its hard to get anything big started until that time.... 

so these days i am,

01. impromptu baking - scourging through what is left from the holiday baking ingredients - tried these scrumptious-looking double chocolate muffins today.
02. staying inside more than usual - it has been pouring rain for 5 days straight, and with no car, and not a whole lot of motivation, i'm keeping myself busy in our teeny-tiny apartment. 
03. watching way too much tv - american idol, the bachelor, the office/30 rock, modern family...what's wrong with me. this needs to stop. 
04. reading the reliable wife - a twisted tale.
05. going to bed early. and taking naps. a lot of clouds and rain makes me very sleepy.
06. cheering on my husband as he works hours upon hours, case after case...and still stays at the top of his class. 
07. eating a lot of honeycrisp apples - they always sound good. 
08. planning a trip to visit this girl - i am in much need of some sister time, the sun and in desperate need of a tan. 
09. letting my hair grow, my bangs grow, my natural color shine through - but in much need of maintenance. 
10. trying to save money. budget...ah, a dreaded word. it may be the hardest thing i've ever done. 

thanks for listening. i hope i haven't lost my reader(s)?? i will do my best to do better at updating - this is my new year promise.

have the happiest of weekends. xo.


Krista said...

there you are. i was missing you. breaks are very good too

Kristen M said...

So happy you are back. I am always looking and looking and yeah there you are today. You guys already getting ready to leave SF? When do you get to find out where abouts you will be headed? I think you should come back to LA as I have completely fallen in love with it. Hope you are well and wish you guys the best. Have you been to Funky Door Yoga yet?

Anna said...

Finally! I also have been waiting for you to come back... you are so great.

The Campbells said...

I am so glad you decided to update your blog! Keep them coming. Those muffins sound/look yummy!

Jonathan said...

I hope you add Community to your list of TV shows. You won't regret it.

Miriam Ika Marshall said...

i am so glad you are back.. you are an inspiration to me and i love reading your blog.. you seem to say what i feel and do it so well!!

Kristin said...

i ALMOST cried when i saw you were back blogging...i've missed reading your thoughts. glad to read you're still kickin. and you make me miss my little stay in san fran (but its nice to be back home and settled) love you lots