25 January 2010

off my game

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i didn't take this picture, obviously. i don't have a car window, and, i haven't been outside in days. woke up to yet another rainy, rainy day. i wanted to go right back to bed, but even with all the time in the world to sleep, i still feel guilty waking up anytime past 7. 

i successfully ruined two different batches of muffins this weekend. i took a little time off from baking, and now i can't get back on my game. the double chocolate tasted awful, and my spice muffins came crumbling apart. i'm getting really anxious to make these valentine day treats, but am worried that i just won't get them right. that won't stop me though - we'd still eat them anyway.

i'm going to attempt to get to the store today - in between bouts of thunder storms of course. it has kind of become a game. how fast can i get there, and how fast can i get back, without getting soaked? it will probably be my cardio for the day. the husband should be happy i'm making it to the store today. last weeks dinner menu's looked a little something like this:

day 1: salad, toast, soup
day 2: leftover salad, leftover soup
day 3: artichoke, baked potato, carrots
day 4: leftover baked potato, leftover carrots
day 5: cereal
day 6: soup, toast
day 7: eggs, waffles

at least there were a few vegetables in there. 


Wendy said...

You're not the only one! My menu has looked like that too! LOL But my reason is it is sooooo cold here in Utah! Boo!!

Anna said...

We are all off our game laura, it's that time of year. I ate ice cream for dinner last night... with peanut butter for protien of course.

The Millers said...

I hear ya. It's so cold in Chicago - Snow mixed with wind...bad combo. And with no reason to get up I could have stayed in bed all day.
PS Our dinner menu consists of frozen meals from Trader Joes - what a life saver!

Ashley and Ezra said...

so you are human? Good I was worried that somehow you were wonder woman! (I still think you are), but it's good to know that someone else out there does cereal for breakfast sometimes!