13 August 2009

traffic, guitars and spinning

after spending 3+ hours in traffic yesterday, i've decided i'm not leaving our apartment again, (unless it is to go to the store down the street) until we move to san francisco.

no sooner than i decided this, the noise started upstairs. apparently our new neighbors above are in a band. how delightful. sounds like they are testing out their electric guitar connection to their amp, or something like it. those that know me, know that i can't handle random loud noises. most would say to complain to management about the wall-vibrating noise, but i won't, because i know what it is like. the husband and i have had a visit from security on more than one occasion. our neighbors below, are not to say...very tolerant, and call security on us every time we drop a sock on the floor. so i'll let it slide...the noise will pass. 

so to get the buzzing out of my ears, knowing that i would be on my own self-induced lockdown for the next month or so, i dragged myself to a spinning class this morning. let's just say this...my summer of fitness has not turned out the way i thought it would. i was convinced i would be a lean, mean athlete by now, but nothing could be further from the truth. yoga + no other type of exercise = out of shape laura. although my ytt (yoga teacher training) was unforgettable and i couldn't be happier (not to mention more peaceful) about it. still, it consumed all my time, and it is almost like my cardiovascular system is slowly walking up from hibernation. i'm a limber, larger version of myself to say the least. 

so back to the spinning class. does anyone do this sport regularly?

because let me just say, it may be the hardest workout i've ever done. or i'm just that out of shape. which is the most likely possibility. i really tried to keep up with the instructor and the rest of the class. whew...it was rough. that being said, my summer of fitness bust may turn into a fall of fitness experiment. i need some more balance. maybe some walking/running, spinning, swimming and lots of yoga and i will be one step closer to being the triathlete i've always wanted to be. 

p.s. - these are not helping.


Krista said...

does courtney help you eat the baked goods? i find when i bake i'm the one eating most of them. Also, LOVE spinning and can't wait to start up again. the first time i did it, i too, tried to pedal as fast as the teacher with a lot of resistance and ended up throwing up. hmmm..electric guitar or trumpet, accordian, bass mexican mess i have pounding through my walls? not sure which is worse. i feel your pain

CoLiE-O said...

i love spinning minus the fact my *#&$(@&# falls asleep b/c i'm not conditioned to sit on that hard of a seat. you would think as much as i sit on my bootay listening to pharmacology and med/surge lectures, i would be fine. nope. other than that minor set back- i love it and love the fact i can burn up to 700 calories! the hardest part is just getting myself to the gym when i know how hard of a workout its gonna be :) and i agree with you- my "summer slim down" failed:) so maybe i'll join you with your "fall fitness" :)

Carlee said...

Love spin class! start spinning in the fall and get a "real" bike in the spring and we can ride together:) BTW my sis is getting a new bike(which makes me depressed) but she's going to be selling her old bike. her frame is the smallest they make. It should be perfect size for you! She has a pretty sweet bike! let me know if you're interested.

Miriam Ika Marshall said...

i am so sorry i shared the no bake cookie craving.. i had to lay down the law and say the cookie making had to stop because it was killing my figure also!! man they are good but i swear they stick to the arteries.. i am so glad you love them and hate them as i do.. oh i have a recipe i wanted to share with you.. i will find it and add it to a post.. i think you will enjoy it in the fallness that will come soon!!