28 July 2009

tuesday reflections: coat of many colors

i've decided that i want to go to india. just today, after seeing these pictures. i have always thought that one of the coolest jobs would be to be a traveling photographer for a respectable publication. something like national geographic, or maybe outside magazine...but unfortunately, i have no professional training of any kind, nor did i develop the artistic gene in my family of artists, but i can still very much appreciate the talent of others. 

i thought these pictures were beautiful. i feel that capturing life, as it is happening, makes the best kind of picture. i've never been one for posing, but a great candid...that is real to me. frederic poirot has a collection of pictures that really pop to me because of the life and color he captures in his candids. i've come to have more of an appreciation for color over the last couple of weeks. it brightens the mood, warms the body and soul, and awakens the senses. 

somewhere of the last couple of years, i have accumulated an unhealthy amount of black in my wardrobe. my sweetest bff carlee has a running joke, whenever the subject of what i am wearing comes up, is if it involves a black hoodie of some kind. and she is usually right. 

the other day, my lovely teacher deanna, who no doubt you will hear me refer to often, was talking to me about chakras, colors, and all that they can represent in our lives. she explained that each chakra is associated with a different color, and has a grounding effect with its correlation to nature, earth and the universe. even the colors we chose are not arbitrary, but hold personal meaning towards us. she went on to explain the meaning of blues, greens, reds and so forth. as i looked down on my black on black lulu lemon wear, i proceeded to ask deanna what the color black meant? she looked deep and focused into my eyes and said, "black is not a color."

in india, color represents energy, passion, joy and light. black is the color of mourning. i've challenged myself to add a bit more color to my wardrobe, not only to please carlee, but to also bring just a little more life and energy into my life. it is inevitable that my preferred color is going to seep through every now and again, but some habits are just hard to break. and sometimes, just sometimes, it just makes you look skinnier. 

"well, darkness has a hunger that's insatiable, and lightness has a call that's hard to hear." - indigo girls

*images via flikr


Melissa said...

The pictures that you posted represent exactly how people dress there- even those that very little always dress in bright colors. Someday I will have to show you all our pictures from when we went.

joncampbell21 said...

This is my dream job!! If what I'm doing now falls through I'm definitely going to give it a try

rachel thurston said...

love traveling for work. it's my favorite thing to shoot, documentary images of a place. high burn out rate with photographers who it full time though. most only last in that sort of job for 5-10yrs....but still I dream.

color is one of my driving forces. we should switch wardrobes. I have way too much color and could prob use a little black. come on, I'm not punky brewster!