27 July 2009

monday monday

{photo by talented rachel thurston}

seeing these kids always make a good start of the day. rachel really captured their sweet nature and adorable-ness that i miss so much.

we had a relaxing weekend in the marina. although it was busy, including lots of yoga for me, and lots of work for my ever-so-hard-working husband, we still managed to fit in some of our favorite activities. a 90-minute sweat session at one of our (ok, my) favorite places to spot celebrities (cort can now touch his toes!!), brunch with stuffed banana and peanut butter french toast (not to mentions the homemade oreos) at a farm-freshnew favorite restaurant in beverly hills, as well as our favorite dessert and cuddling up for a date night movie...this one makes you think. it was deep. sunday nights are always hard, preparing for the week ahead and knowing that the husband of mine is looking at a possible 80 hour work week. i drown my sorrows in sugar, and this is what turns out

still, i'm looking forward to a start of a new week, and a start of new month. can hardly believe that august is just around the corner. this summer flew by....

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Erin Bradley said...

Those cute little loves are anxiously awaiting the end of August when they get to see you...even if it is only for a day. Glad you guys had a good weekend! MISS YOU!