20 July 2009

julie and julia

i don't get that excited about upcoming movies, but this one, i can't wait for. 
i have such fond memories of julia child as she was a common fixture on the tube during my childhood. my mom loved her, therefore, i loved her. she had an amazing ability to make cooking look fun, use butter in everything, and always added the catch phrase, "bon appetit" to the end of all her shows. at a towering 6'2", she was the tallest, jolliest chef i've ever seen. 

hilarious without even trying, she made cooking real. she made it ok to mess up the recipes, as she did often on her show, but always told you ways to fix them if the inevitable happened (and it always did). she didn't apologize, just merely said "oppsidaisy," laughing it off and moved on stress-free and lighthearted as things fell off the counter, cakes fell apart and she forgot to add certain ingredients. she left the kitchen a mess, so much of what mine looks like after i try to tackle something new in the kitchen. she didn't try to make things healthier, she simply added more butter and suggested eating less of it. if she were alive today, i believe she would put the food network to shame. 

that being said, the movie comes out august 7. i imagine i will be dragging the husband to this one on opening night. 

"find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it." ~ julia child

her love of cooking, food and life is infectious. i'm feeling inspired to cook something new.


Amy E. Campbell said...

I remember watching Julia on the weekends, very fond memories. I also remember watching Bob Ross show us the magic of painting while being high...I'm certain he is in every episode.

Anna said...

i'm reading julie and julia, the book the movie is based on. it's pretty funny and it made me love julia childs even more than i already did.

Erin Bradley said...

Never heard of her. She sounds great though:)

Morgan said...

I love her!