23 July 2009

it's not the first time it's happened

when ashley and i first moved to scottsdale, we were frequently confused for as a couple. i didn't think i'd have the same problem ever again, once i got married to a man

conversation between me and a bank teller at wells fargo, 7/21:

teller: hello, ms. campbell. let me just pull up your information and i can cash that check for you. (busy typing) ok, i have it here....oh, is it you or your partner that works with us at wells fargo?
me: excuse me?
teller: yes, you or cortney?
me: oh....my partner...?? (confused with the term)
teller: yes, does she work for wells fargo, or do you?
me: (pause) she does.

don't get confused. no, i didn't correct her. i couldn't break her heart or embarrass her after she sounded so confident and proud of herself for acting so politically correct. it was kind of sweet how nice she was being to me. i don't know if that is because she thought i was a lesbian, or she is just a really nice person. either way, i like nice people, so i didn't say a thing.

i've conjured up some reasons this may have happened:
1. i kind of stopped getting ready and wearing makeup (i'm not a "lipstick lesbian"...i'm the other half. i'm the ellen in the relationship. not portia.).
2. i sometimes only wear my wedding band, which could be confused as a "promise ring".
3. though we share a bank account, i haven't officially changed my name to nelson yet. 
4. my husband's name is cortney. enough said.

i barely see my husband these days, and i miss him. he works his heart out to support the two of us while i wander around taking his money out of the bank and posing as a lesbian. 


Amy E. Campbell said...

You and Cortney are the most adorable lesbain couple.

Ashley Engar said...

ha ha...love this story. Very classic Laura/Could be lesbian scenario. I still have them.

Krista said...

ellen is my favorite kind of lesbian

CoLiE-O said...

came across your blog form joci's. you.crack.me.up!! and i must agree with krista...if i had to be a lesbian...i'd be the ellen lesbain!

Holly and Rose said...

So funny. I love that you didn't correct the lady. When people call me Caroline instead of Rose, I don't correct them either.

Anna said...

ahh my sister.. the lesbian.

Kristen and Brandon said...

Just another reason why I love you so! This made my day!

The Campbells said...

i'm sorry but, that is hilarious

Lisa Marie Trent said...


Who wears the pants, Laura, be honest.

whit said...

Laura..I can't stop laughing at this post. I love it. by the way when are you moving to san fran?? I have a gift still in utah needing to be sent.