22 June 2009

simple and green: treehugging tips

starting off a new series on word for word, and lovingly referring to it as: simple and green. the husband brought to my attention the need for the two of us to start a "green" blog a couple of weeks ago, featuring daily...or most likely, weekly tips on how we can be doing a better job going and staying green in our everyday lives. after watching a few touching segments of planet earth and shedding some tears at the wildly popular shamu show at sea world a couple of weeks ago (i'm only mildly embarrassed - my mom cried too), i'm hitting the gas full throttle and starting off with the most obvious tip, that a lot of us are doing already - but I could definitely be better at. 

simple and green tip o1. junk in your trunk

let's start with the easiest one. we all know by now that the best answer to the "paper or plastic" question is, "neither" but the the hard part for me, is remembering to keep the reusable bags in my trunk at all times. i'm always making unscheduled trips to the local market, and am unfortunately not always readily prepared with bags for my goodies. i've begun by having lots of extra bags and keeping some in my car and some at home, or hanging them on the door knob after i've brought my groceries in to remember to take them out with me the next time i leave. i like this idea of having a cute little hook by your front door to hang the reusables. right now, i'm putting a big, bold and black "remember the bags" on the notepad that i make my grocery store lists on. it is working so far....now, if i can only start to remember to take my bike instead of my gas-guzzling suv.....

one step at a time.


Amy E. Campbell said...

This is why you and Cort are so awesome.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

That was my number one issue as well- and my rule was, if I DID forget to bring my reuseables, then I would select "paper" instead of plastic (because they don't accept the plastic bags in our recycling bin) and I would use the paper bag to hold recycleables in my kitchen till it was full- then throw the whole thing in my recycle bin.

But recently I've purchased a total of 5 reuseables and I tend to only use 2 or 3 each time I shop, leaving a couple bags in the trunk, as an extra reminder to put the other ones back in.