21 June 2009

dear dad

"he didn't tell me how to live, he lived, and let me watch him do it." ~clarence b. kelland

a huge father's day wish to my wonderful dad. i have so many great memories of my childhood thanks to this amazing man. and as i get older, i appreciate his wisdom, friendship and love more than ever. does a girl ever grow out of needing her dad around? i know i haven't. i need him more than ever and love that i can trust and rely on him for anything. he is the first person i go to for advice, and the one i know i can always count on. he has always put his family first, sacrificed so much and always taken such good care of us. and he is so cool, rugged and manly. the list goes on for days. i appreciate everything you do for me dad, and i love you so much.

also, for the other men in my life, brother Bryan, you are turning into dad, and i can't imagine a better thing. your girls are so lucky. papa Cary - i adore you, love you and miss you. thank you for always treating me like one of your own, and for being such a good example to your son.  and to the future father of my children...Cortney Cary Nelson - you are one of the best men i know, and one of the main reasons i married you was for the great dad you are going to be. and probably the coolest. 

happy father's day.

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