01 June 2009

baby bear hunting

now before you go jumping to conclusions, let me explain...

ok, maybe "hunting" is a bad word choice. i'm looking to find a lost or recently orphaned baby bear. since i have the summer off, i have found myself a frequent viewer of oprah. i'm not ashamed. i love this woman. she has some great stuff on her show, including a show in particular that included interviews with people that have raised wild animals, almost like children, successfully and in their own homes. jessica the hippo, tarra the elephant, and...brutus, the bear. i was so touched by the unspeakable bond between these animals and their "mothers" that i am convinced i could do the same.  

the husband always does a great job of humoring my latest fix or fad and is always up for an adventure so we ventured into the woods of malibu a couple of weeks ago to begin day 1 of baby bear "hunting". the hike was...ok, but we did run into quite a bit of fog. it is very eerie in the southland these days..."june gloom" they call it, and we saw a man in a brightly colored country-clubbing outfit wander into the fog...and never come back out. needless to say, we found no bears. 

our next adventure/excursion/search took us to lake arrowhead over memorial day. what a hidden gem this place is. i would compare it to lake winnipesaukee, which happens to be one of the most acceptable places on my list of, "where i want to retire". the village was adorable, the locals were friendly, and we did get to go on a nice little hike - where i think we saw maybe 1 squirrel. zero bears. i was a bit defeated, but the charm and small-town feel of this sweet place took it all away. i highly recommend it. 

if i can't find a baby bear soon, i may just have to get a real baby. 


Anna said...

jessica the hippo? brutus the bear? sounds adorable. i would love to see you house these wild animals down in good ol' marina del ray.

Amy Campbell said...

I vote a real baby....named brutus.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

ok, as for one who HAS a real baby- can I just say, there is a happy medium.

Get a hamster.

My other piece of advice is to do LOTS and LOTS of the following things before having a real baby (or a real baby bear):

1. Take naps. People say "sleep" but you can sleep at night, with kids- but you don't many naps. Naps are nice. (from what I remember)
2. Travel with your husband. Alot.
3. Eat candy at your leisure and swear outloud.
4. Everytime you go to the grocery store, when you get home- set aside $20 and put it into savings. That money will go to the times you go to the store AFTER having a baby, when you need diapers, or something for them to eat so they shut up while you shop..
5. Try to have babies with WHOLE hearts...cause if not- we jump into a whole new realm of finance.
6. Lots of sex. Yep. I said it.

joncampbell21 said...

Next time I see a bear I'll take a picture for you. It could be like the adopt a child ads you see on TV where you only get a picture instead of the kid.