19 May 2009

marvel at marta

marta, of Marta Designs, did a sweet shout-out to me and the husband on her blog today. it took me back to 31 days ago, reminding me of red velvet cupcakes, love from family and friends, sweet-smelling white orchids and chocolate raspberry mousse cups

it was the best day. 

i found marta through the blog world, most specifically, through my sweet friend whitney, and had no idea how much i would be using her for everything in the planning. and it was almost, even if she didn't know it, as if she was my own personal wedding consultant. she made me feel good about what i was doing, flattered me insesintly, and provided me lots of wedding and design knowledge. 

i marvel at marta's skills, class and eye for all things beautiful.

thank you marta. you just made my day.


Erin Bradley said...
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Erin Bradley said...

How sweet. Your answers were fabulous. Good job sister! I felt as if I were at the wedding all over again. You really have a way with words, and she was absolutely correct when she talked about you having style and class. Miah even commented on that at the wedding. There is no denying YA GOT STYLE SIS.

marta said...

all thanks to you, laura. you really were the perfect bride. i look forward to working with you in the future and have hopes we can meet up for cupcakes someday.


Amy Campbell said...

Thanks for the Amy shout out on marta's shout out!

whit said...

Thats so nice Laura..Marta does have that touch but you do as well. You guys make a great team. We will all have to get together one of these days and as Marta has said..eat some cupcakes.

Sarah Bates said...

Hi Honey
I want a link to see all your wedding pics...the one I saw on the chicks website were amazing...seriously I love you. You look so stinkin happy!
I miss you!