01 May 2009

nieces and nephews

cort and i are mildly obsessed with our nieces and nephews. this is no secret.

i love this picture of the four oldest. they were so adorable the whole wedding weekend and were such cute little friends. the nelson's treated the campbell clan to a pizza party before the festivities began, and this is the best picture i could get of them holding remotely still. i like to think that i know what they are thinking.....                                                   

hudson: "yes! is that pizza over there?? sign me up!"
adley: "i'm going to get to that pizza before hudson does."
afton: "i'm so pretty."
olivia: "if i ignore her all weekend, maybe she'll stop trying take my picture."
i love them.


Erin Bradley said...

Laura I am laughing hysterically. You got it SPOT ON. That is too, too funny:)

Erin Bradley said...

somehow I missed a couple of your posts below. You two are adorable. So glad you guys are disgustingly happy:)

Julie said...

Laura you are a writer, I love it! And for you and your happy life, you deserve every bit of it.

Love you.

PerfectMomentProject said...

isn't it amazing how you just FALL IN LOVE with nieces and nephews?
Life of Riley

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest picture! You are a good writer...i loved your last post..you really are one of the sweetest people i know