01 May 2009

happy wife, happy life

i came to the realization this morning that my blog has become one of "those" blogs. you know the ones i'm talking about. my life is perfect, picture after picture of perfect smiles, perfect vacations, perfect blessings, perfect families...etc, etc. i could go on. the blogs that make you feel like you are the only one in the world without money, cellulite, torn cuticles and a bad attitude. 

will i be bragging about my marriage and life over the next couple of months? 

most likely. 

i'm a newlywed, and married to the best man and my best friend (i can't help it, it's like word vomit)...you can't expect anything else from me right now. i'm blissfully happy. 

but i still have my quirks. i still wonder if i'm doing the right things with my life, being everything and doing everything i should be. i still wake up in the morning and drag a comb through the knots in my hair, take a look at myself and pick everything apart, and wonder everyday if i've done enough.

i am aware of my imperfections, but i just can't help but be disgustingly darling about my life right now.

because right now, this imperfection, is perfection to me. 


patty said...

You so deserve to be this happy.Congrats to both of you. Enjoy every wonderful step of the way. Love you guys,Patty

Erin said...

Laura, it is fun to see you guys so happy. Some days, I still feel the same. Others, maybe not so much. But there are times when I am totally overwhelmed with what I have been given and the happiness that is mine through a loving husband and a happy little girl.

Live it up.

Krista said...

this should be one of the happiest times in your life. i loved our first year of marriage & wedding day!
i could blog loads of depressing & agitating things in my daily life...but i think, like most, try to focus on the happy & good things that do come up on a day to day basis. don't worry about portraying a perfect life...you're real about it!

Alta High Class of 2001 said...

I think it is AWESOME that you are SO happy! I wish more people could experience and be in love the way you are. You do make life sound like a dream.

Kas said...

Hey! I found your blog on the Rockwood's... Congrats on the marriage! You look beautiful as always.