30 December 2008

happy bday hudsy

{photo taken by julie burton}
my soon-to-be family celebrated Hudson's 2nd birthday yesterday, and cort and I were down in the dumps all day for not being there. hudson may be the cutest, most handsome little boy that ever existed and I think about him every hour of every day. his sweet voice, snuggly hugs, and boyish charm are what keeps me going, and make me want to move back to utah more and more everyday. cort and I also celebrated our "date-iversary" yesterday, since Hudson's first birthday was also our first date. we owe our relationship, impeding wedding and bigger hearts to this sweet little muscleman. happy happy birthday HUDSON! we love you....xo.

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Erin Bradley said...

Auntie Lala, Thanks for being the coolest, sweetest auntie out there! My birthday wasn't the same without you but you made up for it with a wicked awesome fire truck! Thanks for all the snuggles you give me!!! Love, Hudson