15 December 2008

christmas in my stomach

For some reason, when the holidays come around, my "health conscious" side is thrown out the window. This is a typical diet from Nov. 23-Jan. 12th:

7am - Good morning fudge - couple bits to wake me up
8am - That fudge made me sick on an empty stomach - eat a yogurt
9 am - Are those M&M's? Red and Green? How festive - eat a couple handfuls
9:15-11:30am - half a Christmas cookie, more M&M's, york peppermint pattie - then the rest of the cookie
Noon - Time for lunch. Better eat something substantial Mmm...."funeral potatoes" from last night. Delish. 
Noon-thirty-5pm - few more handfuls of M&M's, 3-42 hershey kisses, 3 christmas cookies, and a piece of fudge
6pm - too sick for dinner
8pm - hot chocolate

Do I have to fit in a wedding dress in April? I have a couple months....


Mberenis said...

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Amy and Anna said...
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The Campbell's said...


Amy and Anna said...

I hear ya, sensible eating is for the birds anyway.

Ashley and Ezra said...

That sounds about right... I think thats why I love the holidays!!!