19 September 2008

My View of The View

I'm just going to put it out there. I hate "The View". I'm bound to upset some people who love this show, but its got to be said. I have never really had the opportunity to watch it before - (until I became a full-time grad student, and the need to ever get ready for anything is a thought long forgotten). The last couple mornings, I have caught glimpses of their "hot topics" and conversations, but mostly have been annoyed at the women who host this day-time talk show. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a bit of an uptight show-off who is on the verge of tears anytime someone disagrees with her, and the others are petty and a little miserable while attempting to act charming and the epitome of the "real woman". Isn't that the point of the show? Getting down to the "real" issues? What "real" women are talking about? This is an insult. 

Anyway, while listening to Elizabeth H. tell us how in love she is with the Republican party, McCain, Palin, etc etc, I started to get really curious about how she would act if a Democrat came on the show. No doubt she would be professional, but I was curious none-the-less. I started 'googling' and came across an episode where Michelle Obama was co-hosting

Michelle Obama has some great style. She has been compared to Jacqueline Kennedy and I believe to be somewhat of a role model. I have a lot of respect for these political women in the spotlight. As entertaining as it is to watch them made fun of on SNL, I can't help but admire them for their "I can do it all" attitude.  She is a mother of two, a lawyer, and also the wife of our potentially first African-American President. What a great opportunity for 'The View' - she obviously has a lot of interesting things to say. What do these women chose to talk to her about? 


A nice pantyhose-or-no-pantyhose debate with the potential first lady. I understand that 'The View' caters to a certain demographic...but come on. I appreciate a nice 'girly' conversation as much as the next young woman, but when you have someone that influential on your show, instead of trying to get her to show her "softer" side, let her be the smart, intelligent and educated person she is - no doubt we are going to be needing that side of her when she is in the White House (maybe :)). 


Amy and Anna said...

I agree. The view can shove it.

Ashley Engar said...

That show is extremely irritating. Those women make women look bad.

LiNdS said...

Hi Laura! Very cute blog, I love reading your clever entries. :) I decided to make my blog private since we had our baby, so if you want me to send you an invitation, email me at lindseyorme@hotmail.com. I would love to stay in touch!

p.s. I share your food fetish, and I love your cooking blog!

Morgan said...

Hi Laura. I sent you a few emails, but Im not sure your getting them. Anyway, We are about 40 minutes from you or so, and we need to get together and go to lunch, catch up. :) Email me when you get a chance and we will plan something. Miss you! Oh, LOVE the cooking blog. I love cooking too. Thanks for sharing the fun ideas. :)

joncampbell21 said...

Does The View remind anyone else of a chicken coop?

Morgan said...

We are coming your way several times this week. If we can work it out I would love to stop by and see you. Nnot sure on the exact days yet but I will let you know. :)