19 September 2008

The end of an era, the beginning of something else

After weeks of agonizing over what to do with the "Laura and Ashley" blog, Ashley and I have come to the mutual decision to "retire" it. It was a hard decision. Tears were involved, we said some things we didn't mean, but mostly, if Ashley has the opportunity to create her own blog, than maybe, just maybe, she'll write on it. Now that we painfully live apart from each other, I need to hear about her life just as much as the rest of you. So, long story short - we've split up the blog, she has hers (click for Ashley's blog here), and I have mine. So here it is. 

I've decided to take a new approach the the blogging world - I'm going to start taking advantage of the fact that we can all learn about the newest events in each others lives with the click of a mouse. In a way, I have a whole new life. The memories of Arizona and my non-lesbian eternal love for Ashley will always be remembered, but I'm onto something new. I am living in Marina Del Rey, California and going to graduate school. This blog will be dedicated to what is happening in my life, my musings, my rants, and my life goals and dreams - hopefully I can say something worthwhile and intelligent long enough to keep your attention and visiting my blog for more than a week. 

So here we go.....


Morgan said...

Laura...we are moving to southern California in a week (business reasons),how do you like it there? Im so glad you started this blog, yours was one of my favorites to read. :) Lots of love to ya.

Kristen & Brandon said...

I love you Laura!!! We miss you a ton, next time your in UT you have to call us! Good luck with your newest adventure in life! xoxo Kristen & Brandon

Amy and Anna said...

Hey, this is fun.


Hey Laura...I'm so glad you found us. Please keep in touch. I'll check back often! How is it in Cali? Karlee Anderson and I had lunch today and she caught me up a little bit. We need to get together when you come back.

Love ya ~ Heather

Erin Bradley said...

Yay L.C- You know I'm your number one blog stalker. I'm excited for your recipe blog too! Maybe, just maybe, it will get me cooking a little. Can't wait to see your smiley face in less than a week.

Lindsey Sharp said...

you are so cute! I love reading your blog! Good luck with everything!

Nate and Lynlee said...

I'm glad to see you're planning on posting a lot on your new blog! That way I won't have to get the 411 as much from Cortney while he's at work. Anyways we miss you guys and hope to see you soon!


Kristen M said...

I would love to see you soon. I live in Laguna and would come up to see you are have you come see us at the beach whenever you need a break from school. I will need to add your new blog to my blog.
mine is

It really would be so freaking great to see you. I hope all is well

kristen steenblik murray