31 October 2011


i certainly haven't been blogging. i've actually been on a bit of a technology-hiatus (except for instagram, of course), and it's been kind of lovely. i've had very few days surfing the internet. very few days of pinning, and even fewer of blog-surfing. but its always nice to step away for awhile, and then come back. it's like meeting back up with an old friend and catching up on life.

baby noah and i have fallen into a nice routine over the past weeks and are enjoying the under-80 degree weather that dallas is so graciously giving us. we meet up with a couple of our good friends for walks every morning, always ending in a play date at the park. noah loves the park. it's so fun to watch him explore and play. he's so comfortable with his body, and i continue to watch in amazement as he pulls himself up onto the playground toys, and slide down the slides (always insisting on doing it himself). he has moved into toddlerhood full-speed and it is my favorite stage yet. he's a little sponge, our boy, and mimics everything i do. he is quite the little helper around the house, wanting to put away the laundry, help me cook dinner (with his own spoon/spatula/whisk), help me shop by putting/throwing the groceries into the cart, and his very new favorite...vacuuming.

i've been baking batches and batches of pumpkin bread as well. i always feel like it is a good sign to be baking lots though. it is no secret that it is my favorite time of year to be doing it, but it is also a sign that we have more people to give it away to. more friends, and more special people in our life that i want to bake for. because nothing says true friendship like baked goods. am i right?

we enjoyed a chili-cook-off and trunk-or-treat with many of these said friends this past week. noah, dressed up like a bear (cortney says grizzly, i say teddy), loved passing out the candy to all of the kids. cortney loved taste-testing all the chili. which mine, might i add, happened to take top-prize of the night. it came with a trophy and everything. i promise to post the recipe soon. it will definitely be a fall/winter staple in our household.

we are happy in our home, and happy that the holidays are upon us. they really kind of snuck up on us, don't you think??

happy monday. xo.


Amy said...

Congrats on the chili trophy, I knew you'd win. Wish I could join in on those play dates in the park! Miss you, xoxo

Katie Petersen said...

I didn't know you were the lucky winner! Congrats! Tagg loved the chili but it was all gone before I got to try it. I'm sure it was fantastic though!

Julie Billmeier said...

I love it that you love to bake for people! And am so happy to be one of the beneficiaries! :)

Ashley and Ezra said...

what is this instagram? I want in! Jacque says you just send pictures whenever... is that right? If so include me!