06 October 2011

lately, i've come to realize...

noah, discovering the joys of almond butter, straight from the spoon.

it doesn't matter how much baby noah does or doesn't wake up at night. the next day, i will still be tired.

most of the food that i eat is usually just a vehicle for almond/peanut butter.

it seems that i'm passing that trait onto my baby boy. 

it's really hard to come up with new ideas for healthy dinners every night. i'm stockpiled with ideas for recipes with loads of butter, cheese and the works. but there is really only so much i can do with fish/chicken and vegetables. 

and it doesn't matter how hard i try to eat healthy all week. by friday, i always cave and bake something.  usually involving chocolate chips.

there are no boundaries between a mother and child. we literally share everything. food, sleep, my body...you name it.

i've never really known how to style my own hair. 

and i'll probably never really know how to iron well.

it doesn't matter how many times i clean the kitchen floor. it still never looks clean.

but i'll still eat something that's fallen on it - even past the ten second rule

the majority of my time is going to be spent at parks and playgrounds in the next coming years. but i'm perfectly okay with that. 

i'm probably never going to like running. 

but i love walking. so i try to do lots.

that's all. xo.

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Sarah M said...

loved this!!! i can second every single one.
you going to the 85th birthday party. we're not. i'm bummed.