20 September 2011

tickling the ivories.

we've really missed our family since getting back to dallas the last couple of weeks. baby noah loves all of them so much, and it is so fun to see the unique bond he is forming with each of them.

i love this picture of noah and my sister, anna. this may be the most calm/still noah was the entire time we were staying at my parents house. or ever. he loved the piano - both banging on the keys and watching it played. i hope that love continues to grow....somewhere in between his obsession with balls, sports and climbing dangerous objects. i grew up playing the piano. and i admit that i was forced to practice much more than i ever volunteered to do, but now appreciate my mom taking the time to set that timer above the keys and make me play until it went off.

blog friends, what are you thoughts of making your children play a musical instrument? i think it instills discipline, focus and gives them a diverse skill set. i like the idea of my children being well-rounded.

even if it is a little forced on my end.

have a great tuesday. xo.


Lisa Marie Trent said...

At church, there were a trio of strings playing a musical number. Two violins and a viola. Jack IMMEDIATELY stopped playing with his friend underneath the pew, and popped up when he heard them start playing. He couldn't take his eyes off them and turned to me to say "I want to play the violin.."
I think it would be wonderful, and if it weren't for the $$ problem I would start him tomorrow.
Lyndsey (Blodgett) has started her twins on the violin. It's $25/mon for the instrument rental and then who knows how much the lessons are. Plus, the first 4 or 5 lessons they don't even HOLD the violin, they just learn how to stand and hold the bow.
So I think you really need to be dedicated to sticking to it, otherwise- it may just be a waste of money.
Didn't you take piano from my mom?? How did that turn out.....?

The Neilson Family said...

So cute! I soooo wish I had played an instrument. A true regret. I think it is very good for kids to have something they work for. I know it can be more of a pain for the parents but I hear more adults say they are glad their parents made them. I don't know though???

Erin Bradley said...

We all miss him so much! It was so fun to watch how independant he has gotten.... and friendly. Noah truly has such a contagious personality and draws people in.

I think it great to have your children play an instrument, even if it may be a little forced. Everyone I have ever talked to ends up appreciating it in the long run.