14 September 2011


congratulations, dallas. 

you've hit record breaking numbers this summer - for most days OVER 100 degrees. as in 70+. hottest summer on record. wow, you're amazing.

but now that you've made the books...can you please take it down a notch? we're ready for some fall weather.


sincerely, and sweatily,

the nelson fam. xo.

p.s. - for all my want-to-be commenters, i've now removed the function that makes you sign in before you comment on my posts. super annoying...sorry about that. feel free to comment away :)


Sarah M said...

seriously?! 70+ days of 100+. I would melt and never ever see the light of day. congrats on surviving that. also, noah is so dang stinkin' cute. for reals.

Kristin said...

He is adorable! And getting so big! I love the pic of him and Courtney!

rachel thurston said...

testing ..testing....SO much easier!! Now I can comment at least 5 times a day how stinking cute Noah is. Can I see him in person please? xo.

Cason and Marie said...

Cute! That weather does not sound appealing right now. It's starting to get cold here! You are always more than welcome to come visit!

The Neilson Family said...

Wow! That is hot for sure!!! He is sure a cutie!! Can't wait to see birthday pictures!!!!

The Dumas Family said...

Cute family, sweaty or not!

Ashley and Ezra said...

Keep that little boy hydrated! and let me know when it cools down so we can come visit!