12 August 2011

friday links.

such and endearing way to display children's artwork over time. i love this.

i really wish i could pull off red pants, because i love these. would you try them?

this recipe for sweet potato brownies has me intrigued. i love sweet potatoes. i love brownies. i'm willing to try a marriage of the two.

would love to wrap up our little fish in this shark robe from baby aspen.

i love organization. and i love these mini chalkboard labels.

how to crack a padlock with nothing but a paperclip. this could come in handy.

this autumn brittle is so pretty. and makes me crave autumn.

run the boston marathon from home by simulator? i have no desire to run at all, let alone a virtual marathon on a treadmill for hours.

have a dreamy weekend. xo.

1 comment:

The Dumas Family said...

I thought that was YOU in the red pants on the bicycle. Of course you can pull them off. Buy them now. I am totaling stealing that artwork clock idea - I LOVE IT! I'm proud of you for doing the no sugar for 21 days. You can be done just in time to celebrate Noah's birthday back in Utah with a nice piece of birthday cake!!! Miss you very much. I hope you've had a good week. Love you!