10 August 2011

21 days.

i've challenged myself to a little challenge.

my darling yoga instructor from gaia flow yoga here in dallas has challenged those in her classes to a 21 day yoga challenge. 21 days of practicing yoga every single day. yep...every. single. day. it could be a 90 minute intensive class. 5 minutes of practicing handstands. or it could be 10 minutes of sitting in child's pose. anyway you do it, you need to do it.

why 21 days? because it's been said that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. and i don't think i've ever done anything for 21 days straight.

obviously, i won't be making it to a 90 minute class everyday, which is why podcasts are so great. last night, i did this 20 minute lunar flow practice. and it was perfect (plus, they're free!). no excuses.

i've decided to go sugar-free for 21 days as well. why? because i don't think i've gone 21 hours without sugar before, and...well, it's time to break the habit.

join me in 21 days of something that makes you feel great.

happy wednesday.

"that was the day she made herself a promise to live more from intention and less from habit."


Kristin said...

You. are. amazing! I don't think i could go 2 days without sugar...poor baby girl! lol let us know how it all went!

whit said...

I love this post!! Let me know how it goes, you can totally do it and will feel amazing!! Love the quote at the end..wrote that down and have been thinking about it ever since I saw it. You're amazing!