01 July 2011

ten months.

our sweet busy boy, turning ten months today.

busy in every sense of the word. i think this has been your busiest month of all.

it is so amazing to see you come into your own, and turn from baby into little boy. you are so full of light and energy. always on the go, and always with an agenda. you are standing all the time and showing us how strong your legs are as you squat to pick something up, and then stand up again. cruising around the furniture, and walking with the help of our hands. you took your first step on father's day. what a great gift that was to your proud papa. although you've been hesitant to show us many more, we know that it won't be too much longer before you're walking all on your own.

you are all boy. there is nothing dainty about you. the way you play and explore. the way you climb and destroy. it just feels so...boy. i love your big boy hands and feet, and your soft, round tummy. just the other day, one of our friends called you, "the picture of health". and it's true. you're healthy, growing, thriving and strong.

you are most interested in "big people" things now, and i think you use your toys as just an obstacle course to get to your next adventure. watching you plow through the terrain, and scale things that i wouldn't quite think you'd be able to reach is one of the most entertaining parts of my day. you've found your way around the kitchen, and you'll cruise to the cupboards and drawers. you love pulling out the pots and pans, tupperware, and spatulas. i'll cook, and you'll be busy banging on your tools below, until all the sudden i will feel your arms wrapped tightly around my legs, ready to come up and see what is going on above. you anxiously await to see if i'll open the fridge, and speed crawl to try to get to the water filter before i close the door. you love pulling the knob and watch the water spill out. just one of the many things you are doing with intent now. you know how to do things. you do something to see what happens, over and over again. you are remembering. learning your surroundings. testing your limits. showing us everything you can do.

i've had the stairs blocked off with pillows. pillows! silly mom. it took you about two seconds to survey what was going on. you looked at me, looked at the pillow and ripped it off the stairs. you gave me a mischievous grin and started laughing as you started cruising on up. and just other day, i watched you crawl under the table to get your ball. you ducked your head underneath the chair, and as you backed up, you ducked it under again. it was the most amazing thing to me, that you knew to do that. you are smart. and it seems that you learn something new every day.

speaking of balls, you can't get enough. it is far and beyond your favorite anything. i think you could play catch all day long. we'll roll you the ball, and you'll shake your hands in excitement, pick it up, and throw it back. it is so adorable to see you excited, happy and playing. it seems like yesterday we had you swaddled tight in your bassinet, hanging on every movement, and every coo. you are quite the babbler now, and i think you just like to hear the sound of your own voice. you talk to me, you talk to yourself, and you talk to strangers. you sing in your own little language, and i nod along in anticipation to hear what you have to say next.

you are my little buddy, and we have conversations all day long. i love having you with me all day, tucked in your carrier, as we run errands around town. feeling you so close to my chest feels like right where you belong. you are so fun to be around, and everyone loves talking to you and talking about you. almost always ending with, "what a happy, big boy!"

there is nothing like waking up to your sweet smile and cuddly, warm body. i think this is also your snuggliest month. you love to cuddle when you wake up, or cuddle when you're tired. you'll snuggle up so close when we read a book. and you still love to hold my hands as you nurse and fall asleep. it warms my heart every. single. time.

we are soaking up every single day with you. you make our days so much brighter. you were born to make our lives richer, fuller and happier with each day that passes.

we love you so much little love.

happy ten months. xo.


Rosemary Campbell said...

Laura, I know you hear this a thousand times a day, but you probably never get tired of it. He is adorable!

Melissa said...

He is way too fun!!! I can't wait until we can get together again so Elle can play with him.