06 July 2011

snacking style: homemade trail mix.

i'm a big fan of snacks. 


in fact, it's safe to say that i'm the epitome of a grazer, and am basically snacking all day. 

as i've mentioned before on my little blog, we are in the process of purifying and simplifying our life in the nelson household...food being a big part of it. 

and as a breastfeeding mother on demand, my appetite is out of this world. there are very few things that can tide me over. it's easy to want to reach for the quickest thing - and processed foods usually fall in that category. but i've found that the omega 3 fatty acids and fiber in nuts really has some staying power for me, and can keep me energized for a while. we've always kept almonds in the house, but there is something about a handful of almonds that leaves me feeling very unsatisfied. i decided to bulk/sweeten it up a bit, and this is what i came up with....

pure and simple. from the earth. and CHEAP, when you buy the ingredients separately, in bulk. we'll be keeping a steady supply flowing in our kitchen, and the current mix is made up of the following:

-raw almonds
-macadamia nuts
-dried pineapple
-unsweetened coconut flakes
-carob chips

what's your favorite snack?

happy snacking. xo.


Ellie said...

Agreed. Nuts are the only thing that leave me feeling satisfied (aside from a nice steak...). Our new favorite are granola bars. Sophie is obsessed with them too so I've been trying all kinds of recipes and I just found the best recipe for nice chewy ones. My version has lots of nuts too. I'll send it to you if you want it.

laura said...

yes, Ellie, please do! I LOVE granola bars. I made homemade Larabars the other day, so I'll be posting that as well....