22 July 2011

friday links.

monkey see, monkey do. i love this blog.

the coolest appetizer idea.

how do you feel about faux bangs? since i've been trying to grow mine out for over a year now (and still kind of want bangs again), i think it's a fabulous idea.

the 50 best children's books of all time. i've got to get my hands on them.

the world's fastest workout. anything over 20 minutes seems crazy to me now.

i needed to learn these 13 most popular photography tips of all time. i loved the light-tent tutorial. natural light makes all the difference.

one day, i may need to know how to do this.

i love the idea of making my own churros, but i still don't think they'd ever be as good as those at disneyland.

simple, easy entertaining ideas. am a fan.

make your own cheese??!!?? stop it.

have a perfect weekend. xo.


Ashley Blackburn said...
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Lisa Marie Trent said...

wait, cheese flakes? The cheese concerns me, yet I'm so intrigued..

anna said...

If my memory serves me correctly... I think you can take classes at community colleges on how to reupholster chairs and such...

I'm in.