19 July 2011

a boy and his ball.

if a ball was the only toy in the world that baby noah had, he would be perfectly happy. we spend a lot of time playing catch.

he also loves being outside. and if he can't be outside, he loves looking outside.

uh oh, baby noah...what are you doing?

that doesn't look safe.

silly, tricky boy. 

have a lovely tuesday. xo.


Ellie said...

Got to love those Ikea soccer balls. Sophie is obsessed with hers as well. She just learned how to kick a ball as she walks and she giggles the whole time. Hilarious. As dangerous as it seems, there are few things I think cuter than watching a little bumb climb onto things.

Amy said...

haha he's such a boy. Can't wait to see you guys this week!

Kristin said...

oh he is so cute!

Erin Bradley said...

afton and hudson made me show them these pictures a bajillion times. we love him!!!

The Dumas Family said...

First, I love how hard that onesie is working. Ha! Second, I am so excited to see you guys, especially that sweet, sprited boy! Can't wait!!

Katie said...

He really is a mini Cort!