22 June 2011

happy new year. again. kind of.

hope you had a great first day of summer yesterday! that couldn't feel more weird saying, because it's been in the upper 90's in dallas for a good 3 weeks now (and i always think of it as summer once it's over 80 degrees outside). june 21st is also considered the longest day of the year...which couldn't have felt more true when dealing with a teething/sick baby boy that has slept approximately 5 hours in the last 24. ah, motherhood.

anyway...yesterday also marked the beginning of the summer solstice, which in the Pagan culture, is the start of a new year. so, if you're like me and january 1st didn't work for you (and i'm pretty sure i didn't even make resolutions this year)...what better time to start off on a new leg. am i right?

did you know that thousands of people gather at StoneHenge every year to celebrate the summer solstice? wouldn't that be the most fun thing...having a summer solstice party? next year, i'll be better prepared.

we'll probably go to a park.

where there will be balloons.

i'll bring the pulled pork sandwiches.

you can bring the drinks.

i'd probably be looking pretty chic, wearing this outfit.

we'll take some pictures.

and i'll send y'all home with your own jar of ice cream.

can you tell i'm obsessed with pintrest much?

welcome summer. here's to a great rest of the year. xo.

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