24 June 2011

friday links.

how cute are these wood signs? such simple, sweet messages, and great daily reminders.

i finally found some popsicle molds, and am looking forward to making these this weekend.

i'm the worst at writing in journals, but this fun vintage postcard-calendar-journal, might be something i could handle.

these t-shirts make me want to plan a family reunion, and buy one of each.

this is the look i want to be sporting this weekend.

but i will most likely be wearing...these.

i'm looking forward to picking up this book soon...and possibly joining the vibram-movement. have you tried them?

am loving this cooling, all-natural california baby lotion on baby n. this summer.

another creative gift wrapping idea.

i can guarantee that i will be posting the recipe for these cookies very soon.

have a fantastic weekend. xo.


Amy said...

I'm hooked on Born to Run. You'll love it.

Also. those cookies... I think I've dreamed of the possibility of an oreo wrapped in a chocolate chip cookie my whole life. Do it.

Anonymous said...

You'll love this new book on Mexican ice pops! http://amzn.to/mHBOZP

The Dumas Family said...

You can get those shoes as long as you don't become a running douche like my 3 neighbors. Even if you did, I'd still love you.