28 June 2011

five faves.

i can get overly-enthusiastic about things. and sometimes there is a product out there that is so essential to my day-to-day, that i thought that i had to share it with you, my blog buddy.

i think like most people, i feel that washing my face at night is just a nuisance. i'm tired, and just want to fall into the covers and cuddle my two boys. my sister introduced me to these wipes and they have changed my life indefinitely. not only to they take off your makeup, and give it a nice clean scrub, but you are not left with the raccoon-eye affect the next morning that so many similar product leave behind.

removing my makeup at night has really shook-up my nightly routine. i even put on face cream now. whoa. but, since i'm at the age where wrinkles are sneaking up on me daily, it's almost a necessity. i slather a good amount on my face at night -  and don't rub it in too much. it smells great and leaves my face super soft in the morning. apricot oil is supposed to be great for cell reproduction and moisture retention, and this all-natural cream doesn't disappoint.

my new cropped jeggings from gap. cropped for average-sized people means normal-length jeans for Laura. and those are really hard to find. at the 40% off sale this weekend in addition to the already marked down price, i think they rounded out to about $12. a-mazing. super soft, super stretchy, and not too hot to wear, even during a Texas summer. my legs don't look like that in them, by the way....

i'm loving the sally hansen salon effects nail polish strips. as someone who has NEVER been able to paint her own nails and make them look even remotely decent, and now who doesn't want to keep the smelly, toxic polish in her house with a little boy reaching/eating everything in sight, these nail strips are a dream. i'm having such fun trying all the different prints.

danielle's roasted coconut chips. sigh. i don't actually have my hands on these at the moment. and i haven't been able to find them in any store since we left maui. but they are so delicious and melt-in-your-mouth satisfying, that i'm still thinking about them. i haven't been shy about my love for all things coconut right now, and if i could buy them, i would no doubt be going through 12 bags a week. so...it's probably a blessing. BUT..if you can get your hands on them, i'll pay you to send them to me. seriously.

p.s. read this post on 8 confessions of a new dad. so sweet :)

have a great tuesday. xo.


Amy said...

I too have wrinkles appearing on my face... so sad. Also, those coconut chips are on my mind as well.

Sarah M said...

loved this... i am looking for a night cream, may have to try yours.
also, i live in the middle of nowhere and no grocery stores have what i want, so... i order everything off amazon (become an amazon mom member for free shipping). and they happen to have your coconut chips. be careful, it is addicting. i just bought 16 vanilla beans off amazon for $10. they are amazing and my waistline is proving it...

Katie said...

I am looking for something to take my makeup off without leaving me with raccoon eyes. I gotta try that!

Lisa Marie Trent said...

Love the neutrogena wipes, YES. (Are you JUST starting to remove make-up?? Oh, honey!) I need to know where to get the Apricot Cream. I need a good night cream... and I too have fallen for the Sally Hansen nails, being that Minx nails are SOOO expensive and don't stay on as long. Very fun stuff. Thanks. I enjoy favorites lists.