19 June 2011

a father's first.

it's safe to say, officially, that baby n's first word is dada. he's been babbling it all weekend now, and even if cort disagrees, i know he's made the connection. it's fine i guess. i only housed him for ten months, have given him my body, my mind, my every waking and sleeping moment...should i keep going? but who am i kidding? i never had a chance....i don't blame him. one of the reasons that i married cort was because i knew what an amazing father he was going to be. now that we have the little mini-cort in our life, i can say confidently that he has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. i love him even more now that he is a father. the father of my child(ren). i love saying that.

i've had glimpses of what's to come with these two. camping trips, baseball games, a late night one-on-one of basketball or playing tricks on mom. they are the best of buds.

cortney adores his son. and the feeling is so mutual that it's heart-melting to watch (speaking of heart-melting...can you believe that picture?? matching shirts (cort's idea)! be still my heart...)

speaking of adoring...i adore all the father's in my life, particularly my own, who is a guiding force to me. where i get my wisdom, and my confidence. who roots for me daily. who still takes care of me and my growing family even though i'm all grown up. i love and admire him so much.

happy father's day and (1st) father's day! xo.

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Kristin said...

SO CUTE!!! Dean's first word was dada also! who would have guessed. haha