04 March 2011

friday links

happy friday everyone. i woke up this morning and thought it was thursday. don't you love it when that happens? it's almost as good as waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you have hours left to sleep. we've had a pretty productive week that included a six-month checkup for baby n. (still growing like a weed), a trip to the zoo, some jogs in 70+ degree weather, a couple lunch dates...and we'll be ending it with another pizza and movie night. thinking about trying a variation of this pizza tonight. something about caramelized onions and prosciutto that seems to be the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

n. is at the stage where i can't keep my eyes off him even for a second. even as i write, he's rolling his way over to an outlet. he seems to be interested in all things dangerous right now, and it keeps this happy mama b-u-s-y. and he's not even crawling yet.

onto friday links....

holy arms cameron diaz. i'm pretty sure i could never look like that.

i really want to see this movie. what are your thoughts on taking infants to movies? cruel to the baby, movie-goers, or both? i'll admit that i've done it.

have you heard of pintrest? i love, love, love this idea of cataloging all the things i love, but can't yet do/have yet. looking forward to start collecting.

if i had more money, i'm pretty sure i'd buy any one of these dresses.

i may or may not have a birthday coming up soon, and i may or may not make myself this cake.

am a fan of black wagon's adorable baby onesies.

my parents and sisters are coming in town next weekend (double yay!!) and i'm thinking about taking them to see this museum.

i had some more links from this week, but my sweet baby boy is begging for my attention, so that's it for me today.

happy weekending. xo.


Ellie said...

I have a similar dilemma about going to movies. I think it's ok as long as they can stay somewhat quiet, right?Or maybe it's only ok to take them to kid movies? I don't know. Major dilemma...I have a few movies I really want to see and I think we've used most of our family favors. When they start to crawl it only gets worse...I swear Sophie can make paper and bobby pins magically appear wherever she is. And even with a gate, I can't seem to keep her away from the stairs.

Susan Campbell said...
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Amy said...

I'm excited to see you!! and no, you're not making your own birthday cake. Let me do that for you when I'm in town :)