18 February 2011

friday links and a new tradition.

i'm loving the weekends these days. with cort working pretty brutal hours and traveling way more than i'd like, it is nice to have the weekend to look forward to. and this weekend we are due for some 70+ weather and sunshine which makes this girl very happy.

i've decided to dedicate our friday nights to "pizza and movie night" over here at the nelson household. i experimented with this pizza recipe over superbowl sunday, and had some great success, so i'm thinking i'm going try a new recipe each week. and homemade pizza is so much tastier than any delivery i've ever tried. why am i just catching onto this?? i prepped the dough last night, and am going to top it with my favorites: pesto, mozzarella, tomato and basil.  movie of the night? the husband has requested Secretariat. looks good. disney, i like. has horses in it. and diane lane, of whom i am a fan. any reviews?

moving on to friday links....

baby n. has started in on solids! so far rice cereal is a no-go, but avocados and bananas are a must. that's my boy - already knowing that real food is better for him. thinking about getting this baby cookbook and using it with my new beabe babycooker.

i am seriously lacking motivation with working out these days. i'm exhausted in the morning. i'm exhausted at night. i need a new plan. maybe i should try to take up running now that baby n. is thisclose to being able to be latched into the Bob? our walks are nice, but they just aren't cutting it (as in, no sweat is being broken) or maybe p90x again? hmm... new moms...what's your exercise like these days?

check out these adorable "bib-tees". they'd sure come in handy with all the food-slinging that's going on over at our house these days. oh, and these sweet baby summer overalls?? so precious. i'm such a sucker for baby clothes.

my cousin, ellie, has some serious sewing-talent. who knows the fastest, easiest way to teach me how to sew? i'm serious - i really want to learn.

after carrying around a diaper bag for a few months, all these bags look really appealing. i want one.

my sister, amy, is hilarious. she read us her junior-high journal entries over the holidays and i still laugh until there are tears in my eyes thinking about them.

i love butter. like, really love it. this post speaks to me. did you know i used to be a vegetarian, that rarely ate dairy?? yeah, i don't know what happened.

happy weekending....xo.


Kristin said...

I love your friday links! Oh and I loved your previous post too!! some i just had to laugh at!
So i am so getting that baby food maker...not til next month though since dean will be 6 months then. your adorable and so are your posts!
have a great weekend!

Erin Bradley said...

you will love secretariat. we did.
our movie for the night, unstoppable. with papa murphy's pizza. (yours sounds much better.)

happy friday.

Ellie said...

We love pizza night too. We used to do it a whole lot more when we were first married. We got a pizza stone for our wedding and use it all.the.time. Thanks for the link! Made me feel special that you included me in your friday links!

Julie Billmeier said...

So glad you decided to start solids - it is a fun and crazy stage!

We just took R out of the car seat adapter on our running stroller, so its not quite the tank it was before. She seems ok in it. So, my new mom work out routine is a very irregular plan including run/walking (still can't run like i used to), wii fit, and friday yoga.

btw - Whole Foods pizza is really good if you don't feel like making it one night!