24 February 2011

dvd review: body by bethenny

i've mentioned a few times on this blog about how i need to start exercising again. not necessarily for weight loss (though that wouldn't hurt), but i miss the feeling, and miss the energy that comes from it. i've had a few spurts here and there, but nothing consistent (although lifting my massive child has had some positive results on my arm muscles). being a mom, and trying to find time, is just plain hard. even when cort does get home, and i may get a minute or two to sneak away, i'd much rather spend time with my boys than go to the gym, so it usually doesn't happen. and until my sweet babe is big enough to go on jogs in the bob, we've just been settling for some nice walks. which are nothing to complain about.

when i saw that our cable was offering on demand fitness videos for the month of february for free (yay!), i committed to taking advantage of it. dvd's seem doable right now. first one up: body by bethenny: body sculpting workouts to unleash your skinny girl.  i have to admit...i'm a self-confessed real housewives fan. i'll take them in any form. beverly hills, new jersey....any of them. and bethenny frankel is one of my fave's.

the dvd is a yoga-based workout, lead by celebrity trainer, kristen mcgee. the two are a good team, leading through three different segments (yoga, strength and booty blast. that's right...booty blast) that can be done separately, or together. bethenny frankel provides some good modifications for the yoga poses, which are great for beginners, and those which she says always takes advantage of - although, i have a hard time believing it, considering what great shape she seems to be in.

the 40-minute yoga segment was not easy, but not hard, and would be great for beginners or an intermediate. kristin starts out with a series of sun salutations, and then moves on to poses that focus on strengthening the lower body and core. no crazy inversions here - just the basics. they hold the poses a good amount of time, which allow you to feel the burn, and also get a really good stretch in. after i was done, my body felt open, and relaxed, which is exactly how you want to feel after yoga.

next up was the strength portion in which they instruct you in some very basic arms workouts. 10 minutes, 2 sets, 12 reps, 5 pounds, done. not bad, but considering i'm toting around something three times that weight, i'm not sure it would be doing too much in the long run. but for a good, quick arm workout...it works.

booty blast. 5 minutes of basic squats and leg lifts. also very doable. and it felt good after the yoga.

i liked that this workout was split up into segments, because i have to squeeze in little bouts of exercise all day. my baby boy also sleeps in "segments" (my sweet, sweet, catnapping child), and doing a 60 minute workout video, just isn't a part of my reality right now. that's why i'm also a fan of 20 minute workouts by jillian michaels (see my review here) and jackie warner (review coming soon).

bethenny provides some good comic relief during the video, points out that chaturanga's gave her killer arms (which i believe), and has a good and healthy attitude towards exercise. her motto: "do what works for you" is something i truly believe. just want to do the yoga? fine. only have time for a 10 minute arm workout? do that. want a day off? take it. whatever works for you, in your life right now, is just what you should be doing.

i am a fan.

happy exercising. happy thursday. xo.

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Cason and Marie said...

Way to go!! I do have to say you need to get the converter for the bob. It always you to put the carseat on, and then you can run while baby sleeps. It is wonderful! I did it when she was a newborn and still do it! It works great. It is a little pricey, but worth it!