01 November 2010

two months

my sweet little sidekick.

we have started to settle into a unique rhythm in our home, all revolving around the sweetness that is this boy. we sure make a big fuss over him (secretly battling over who gets to hold and cuddle him). two months today. two whole months. it's so hard to believe.

he is so strong. we watch him kick and push his legs, grip objects and (to our nervous eyes), come so very close to rolling over. he rarely likes to be cradled, and he'd much rather sit upright so he can get in on all the action. he can hold his head up for (what seems to us) a crazy amount of time, for one still so very young. he loves to be outside to see the world around him. we take walks through a little forest close to our home, and his curious eyes get so big and wide as he stares at the trees and listens to the birds. he is learning everyday. he focuses on objects around him, and has a quiet wisdom that is mesmerizing. we could watch him watch forever.

he is growing so fast. just as he reached two months, he grew out of his 0 to 3's and into his 3-6 month clothes. completely skipping a month. what a show-off. my stomach did a flip as i packed his now-too-small wardrobe away. i wasn't expecting it to all happen so soon. he looks so cute in everything, that every day he is wearing my new favorite. luckily, he is making at least 2 costume changes a day (the little drooler), so i can capture him in them more than once.

our little houdini. he loves to be swaddled so tight as he falls asleep, but if we turn our heads away for even a second, his arms have magically popped out, and lay above his head. he sleeps like this, every night. we take naps like this, every day. i don't mind because i love to hold his hand as he sleeps. his grip never softens, as if to keep me there. as if i'd ever leave.

i love to have conversations with him. no matter where we are, we're discussing what's going on around us. he helps me grocery shop, and i get quizzical looks from other shoppers as i ask him his opinion on picks for our produce. i want him to know my voice. to hear it and to trust it. and so when the day that comes that he can answer back, he'll want to.

his smiles are heart-melting, and completely contagious. every. single. one. no laughter yet, but we're on the verge. i hold my breath every time it sounds even close to a giggle. i know it will be happening any day now. he's definitely found his voice. the coos, and grunts, and ahh's are becoming more purposeful. although his vocabulary is a bit foreign, he's telling us something. and we're always listening.

to see him wake up is such a treat. so peaceful as he looks all around him. he'll hold his tiny (but not so tiny) little fist up in the air in triumph, almost as if to tell us, "victory! i'm even cuter than i was yesterday." and it's true. he's cuter everyday. his playful personality is shining through, and the spirit that he brings into our home is one that can not be missed.

he is the light of our lives.

happy two months, my sweet baby. xo.


Ashley Blackburn said...

He's looking more and more like Cortney every day. Another little Nelson!!

Sarah M said...

aren't babies the most wonderful additions to our lives?! i love seeing your little one and can't believe how quickly time is flying by! and... he is to die for darling.

you are such a good mom, i am so happy for you. many congratulations!

Kristin said...

why do i tear up everytime i read your posts?? sweet post! he is so cute!!

anna said...

He's the perfect little boy and your the perfect mom.

Love you both!

Erin Bradley said...

I'm sure glad Wyatt can't read yet. He would certainly feel jipped with my lousy blog skills.

You word things amazingly. Noah picked some darn good parents!

The Campbells said...

So sweet, Laura.
Can't wait to meet the cute little guy this weekend!!

Jaci said...

you made me cry.

Reminding me of those sweet days. The sweetness of there perfect hands wraped around your fingers. I feel your love for him and remember falling hopelessly in love with each one of my boys.

It's never ending the love that you have for your children. It's amazing. enjoy.

Ashley and Ezra said...

Yes I officially cry every time I read your blog... its because Im lucky enough to be going through the same thing at the same time! I wish I could put it into words the way you do! Thanks for the post! I love it!

The Dumas Family said...

He is such a cute boy! I'm so glad he's doing well and you're sucking up every moment of it. Being at home with them is the best and seems to fly by. Give those cheeks kisses from us!