15 November 2010


today has been a sleepy day. it's a bit cloudy, a bit dark, and a perfect day to lounge around and nap.

today i did three loads of laundry. two of which were baby's. who would have thought something so small could go through so much stuff.

today we took our dad and husband lunch at his office so we could get one last glimpse before he leaves for charlotte, nc for the next 4 days. ugh.

today at barnes and noble a woman stopped me to say she had never seen such a responsive 11 week old baby. or one so smiley. or so big...

today i began making plans for our trip back home for thanksgiving. we are so excited. something about this holiday season feels extra special.

today is one of those days where i never feel full or satisfied. i ate a huge lunch, an even bigger cookie and i'm currently eating almond butter straight from the jar.

today i've kissed baby n. at least a hundred times.

today i am thankful for my family, my friends, my health and this video:


Kristin said...

your day sounds like my day....minus the running to see the hub and barnes....we stayed in our jammies all day!
your such a cute mom!

The Neilson Family said...

Love pajama day! I can't believe how big he is! He is so handsome! When are you going to be in Utah for Christmas??

laura n. said...

we are flying in on the 19th! what about you?

Rachel said...

I just want to hold and kiss little Noah... he's so adorable! Thanks for sharing that video. I'm thankful for you and your friendship :)

anna said...

I love that picture. Barnes and Noble, big lunch, naps... sounds like my kind of day. Let's do that when you're home for Thanksgiving.

Love you!

Julie said...

You and Cort sure make cute babies!! When do I get to meet him in person?