28 October 2010

just because it's halloween...

i'm recording It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on abc tonight and making my little family watch it with me. holidays are so much more fun with a baby in the home. i'm kind of like a little kid myself.

my sister gave me this great appetizer idea for a party this weekend and i can't wait to try it.

and my other sister gave me this idea and it sounds delish.

i also want to make these.

and maybe these.

i still haven't picked a costume out for myself. and i'm shocked i even want to dress up. but like i said, things change with kids.

do you watch modern family? last night's episode made me want to be claire. the mom with the coolest house on the block. maybe next year. if you live by me, i'm sure i'll drag you into it. watch out.

stay tuned to see what sweet baby n. is going to be for halloween. even though he has no idea what is going on, i'm still dressing him up. I feel kind of bad - the kind of bad i feel for animals when their owners dress them up  - because they have no say in the matter. but our little one is dressing in something cozy, and ferociously sweet, so i don't think he'll mind.

happy thursday. xo.


The Neilson Family said...

Those recipes look yummy! Wish we were together this Halloween to try them!!

Ellie said...

I agree. Holidays are WAY more fun with kids. Can't wait to see cute pictures of the little guy in his costume. Lion, maybe?

Amy E. Campbell said...

I wish I so badly that I could see my nieces and nephew on Halloween... :(

p.s. you are Claire.

The Dumas Family said...

We love Modern Family! It's the greatest show since Friends. Be sure to post pictures of your costume. Love you! Happy Halloween!

anna said...

You should dress up as a cat. That's what Amy is being... and I'm pretty sure I'll end up being one too. Oh Halloween.

Karli said...

Anna showed me the pictures of Noah that came in the mail. I can't get over how cute his costume is. and that smile.. adorable.