23 September 2010

back in the groove

well, hello. i woke up this morning, realizing that i haven't blogged in a while. actually, i haven't done anything in a while. i've been so incredibly twitterpated with our new little bundle of sunshine, that i've put everything else in the world on pause. so, i'm slowly finding my way back to the internet. slowly emerging from this mama-and baby-hut i've created over the last few weeks. it's been a nice break.

somewhere during my time of hibernation, fall happened. well, kind of. fall everywhere else it seems, but not dallas. we're inching down into the high 80's which thrills me to no end as i pull out my scarves, hats and sweaters (my internal temperature may be a bit off).

september is the best. not only was my little wee born on the first, but we end the month celebrating his daddy's birthday. school starts and colors change. all the best shows are back on (hello glee, modern family, 30 rock and more...) i'm feeling a longing for a nice breeze, a cool night - sleeping with the windows open. i want to bake - bread, cakes, cookies - all things pumpkin and cinnamon flavored. i want to cook with squash, and make stew, tuna melts and soup in bread bowls. i want to run outside and go on fall hikes. i want to take up knitting, learn how to use photoshop, and create just a little bit more. and maybe even blog on a regular basis.

i do want all these things - but...i'm still partially in hibernation. i'm still hanging out in my pajamas most of the day. i'm still keeping a constant and watchful eye over my sweet babe as he sleeps, plays, coos, and takes in the new world around him. i'm rarely leaving the house, rarely leaving our room. i'm sure i will eventually find a balance - maybe, even, hopefully squeeze in a workout or two - (new mom's...how do you do it?)...but just for now...i'm going to start to try to shower most days of the week. i'm going to try to cook dinner for my family at least a couple times. i will bake some bread sometime soon, and throw in a couple loads of laundry in between. point is...i'm taking it slowly...before i'm completely back in the groove.

happy fall! xo.


whit said...

Laura you seem so happy..i love it!! happy that you are soaking up all the little moments right now. can't wait to hear more

Nate, Jenny and Amelia said...

Good luck. If you figure out a balance; let me know. I'm going on 19 months and am still working to find it!

Amy E. Campbell said...

I wish I had a good excuse to hibernate. Can't wait to see you and the family in a couple of weeks!!!