19 August 2010

water + melon

it's pretty warm here in texas.

the only thing that sounds good to me is watermelon.

i have eaten 2 in about 4 days.

i have very few shirts left without a watermelon stain on them.

since watermelon is about 92 percent water, it should go more towards my water than food intake, right?

that's what i'm telling myself.

i'm thinking about making this refreshing watermelon lemonade.  (if i can convince Cort to let me spend another $5 on one.)

does it seem like my blog is becoming more about food than anything else? sorry. i'm obsessed.


The Campbells said...
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The Campbells said...

That lemonade sounds so yummy and refreshing. I think I might try it.

Morgan@LittleHouseofVeggies said...

Hi laura! That little baby of yours should be here any minute now...
I ate ridiculous amounts of watermelon throughout my last pregnancy. I would eat so much of it at night that I would just feel watermelon sick full, and then about an hour later I would bust it back out for more! It goes right through you! THinking of you!!!

Cason and Marie said...

I wasn't dilated at all before Sunday, the day before I was induced. I went in on Sunday, the day before I was induced, and they put a foley balloon catheter in my cervix and filled it with water. I had that in me all day Sunday and then they took it out when I went in Monday. I'll be honest, it was very painful, almost more painful than labor. But it made me dilate to a 5. So I went in dilated, but up until the catheter I wasn't dilated.

I hope you are feeling ok. I keep checking to see if baby has come yet. I can't wait to see pictures!! Good luck Laura. Motherhood is something that can not be described until you become a mom yourself. It is quite amazing! I am very excited for you! Soak up every minute. It goes by too fast. :)

Lisa Marie Trent said...