23 July 2010

quote of the day

"i try to take it one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once." ~ jennifer yane

i just threw out about 18 magazines...still no end in sight. i hate to think about all the money (and resources) wasted. any ideas of what to do with the ones i don't want to throw out? besides having them pile up under my coffee table??

here's to organizing, crossing items of lists and multi-tasking this weekend.

have a good one. xo.


Kristin said...

i just did that. i made books out of the articles i liked. have fun this weekend. i feel that my lists are never ending. i hope they start to shrink soon....i will soon be occupied by something very special...and you will too!

imagine:joy said...

So funny you ask, because I actually used some of your magazines for a CoachArt project a while back. I had asked co-workers for old magazines and Cort donated some of yours to the cause. :-) Here are two tutorials, if you're feelin' crafty!



Ashley Blackburn said...

Hmm...read online publications. Saves trees, conserves money and landfills!

Amy E. Campbell said...

I just need you to post one picture of you pregnant before the baby comes. Just one.

Colleen said...

You can donate the magazines to hospitals or nursing homes. I have taken stacks to a hospital in Santa Monica. They appreciate the reading material for the patients confined to their beds.

laura n. said...

thats a winning idea colleen!! thanks! xoxo