09 July 2010

friday links

i bought a bag of smarties yesterday (impulse buy) and now the bag is almost gone. another sign that we can't keep candy in the house! am so looking forward to this weekend, (making these little treats), and spending some much needed time with cort. this week flew by, thank goodness, and i'm feeling back on schedule after weeks of being away. i've been catching up on my blog surfing this week, and have found us all some good reads:

  • like i mentioned, i'll be giving these pb cups a shot, hoping that cort doesn't notice they're vegan.
  • how to survive swimsuit season: unfortunately, this doesn't apply to women almost 9 months pregnant.
  • my mom resembles a supermodel.
  • also want to try out these chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. my friend morgan is becoming a vegan food guru...
  • cameron diaz and i DO NOT share the same problem.
  • we seriously do not need any more baby clothes, but if we did.....
  • i'd really like a sunroom....where i could kick off my shoes (if i ever wore any), catch up on some reading, and drink a chia tea...
  • this blog reminds me of my sisters. not sure why...probably because they are classical beautiful, kind of like audrey hepburn.
i'm off to the gym to attempt a treadmill workout. a s-s-slow treadmill workout - the extra weight really has me dragging these days. i'd be bummed about it, except that the extra weight is adorable, squirming like crazy this morning, and he has already completely shifted my priorities (body image included). 

have a happy weekend. xo. 


Julie said...

Laura you are adorable. I love this post!!!

Kristin said...

i love this post. your the so cute! i think i may have to buy some smarties....
have a great weekend!

Amy E. Campbell said...

I love that Audrey Hepburn Complex blog.. great find. Also, the Cameron Diaz article made me spit milk out my nose. And, I love you! Eat all the candy you want.

Morgan-- said...

COuld your Mom get any more adorable??!
You will love the PB cups, they are so good!
And thanks for the "shout out", I hope you try the cookies, they are really good if I do say so myself!
Oh, and Cameron Diaz and I ALSO do not have the same problem! :) haha