26 March 2010


picked some yellow dandelions to dazzle above our kitchen sink as the sun shines in. they really are the happiest flower. spring has sprung in the lone star state with sunshine, warmth, budding flowers, and all my favorite things. the week has just flown by, and the husband and i were talking about how march will be gone in a blink. march 2010 will be a blur as days have been non-stop and our move has taken up the chunk of it. 

planning on slowing the weekend down as we prepare to plant a garden. yes! a real, live, vegetable-growing garden. that is, if all goes well. i've always wanted to, but neither one of us has ever grown a thing (unless you count the little wee in my womb), so it should be interesting. a trip to home depot is in order. i love going there if only to smell the wood and all the home improvement supplies. 

also looking forward to trying a few new recipes - some homemade bread from this favorite blog....i've always wanted to be the person who baked all her bread instead of bought it. we'll see how it turns out. and this delicious-looking dish from my favorite vegan/vegetarian. and probably something sweet in-between. because it wouldn't be the weekend without it.

happy weekend. xo.

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Lindsey Sharp said...

I love your blog, its a breath of fresh air as cliche as that sounds!! CONGRATS on the baby! We like them, if you can't tell! YOu and COrt will make great parents!