25 February 2010

thank you, cadbury...

...for making the deliciousness that are your mini eggs. they make me so happy. and also are part of the reason that Easter is my favorite holiday. i wait all year for them to show up, and the husband and i even took a special trip out to find them today. i just can't get enough.

so, we're moving. not quite sure where yet. but i'm blogging because i will do almost anything to procrastinate packing. it doesn't matter if it is a weekend trip or moving state-to-state. i'm at my very worst whenever a suitcase is involved. 

on a brighter note, we'll be spending some time with these two this weekend. looking forward to seeing some sunshine...the sky, even. 5+ months surrounded by sky-scraping buildings makes a girl claustrophobic. i may have left half my heart in L.A., so I'm looking forward to seeing it again. 


Amy E. Campbell said...

Ol' Cadbury's done it again.

Can't wait to hear where you'll end up and for me to come visit!


Ashley Blackburn said...

I heart mini-eggs.

The Neilson Family said...

I love those! I hope you are bringing some my way for the weekend!!

thewestenskows.blogspot.com said...

yummm.. I forgot about the Cadbury mini eggs.. just for a second.. I will have to get some today-- for sure!!

The Millers said...

These are the devil. Already gone through two bags and bought a third today. Easter candy is the reason I will never be skinny... it's the best.

Colleen said...

I can eat an entire bag myself if I'm not careful. They are so addictive! I hope you two move back to LA.

The Campbells said...

Love those yummy little things. They are just too good! Can't wait to see you!!!

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