06 November 2009

some days

{rainy day san francisco, photo by nitsa}

some days are very rainy and cold.

some days the sun doesn't come out at all.

some days you visit 4 different stores trying to find just one thing.

some days you feel stranded.

some days the wind blows your $4 umbrella inside out, making it useless.

some days your walking shoes are on their last leg and your feet end up very wet and cold. 

some days you forget bus fare.

some days you wish you lived in the suburbs where you know exactly where everything is, and exactly how to get it...without having to walk miles and miles to get there. 

some days it's best to go back home, get back in your pajamas and watch movies the rest of the day...

and just start again tomorrow.

only some days.

*project thankful: even though today, didn't work out....i am still so thankful for the rain. i love it above all other weather elements. 


Lisa Marie Trent said...

I didn't work out either. Then again, it's only 4:22. I still could...

Mary said...

Hey, I'm glad you read my blog. Looks like I'll have to add you to my list to read. I didn't know ya'll had moved to SF. Awesome. :)

brandon.kristen.olivia said...

we love you too Laura! Hope you are doing great! Give me a call next time you're in town! We miss you! xoxo

Kristin said...

you should have called me on this "some" day...i could have at least driven you around where you needed to go!