02 November 2009

good morning, november

{view of the city from alcatraz, october 2009}

recovering from a sugar coma as we ended october with a bang. had some of our favorite friends for the weekend and explored the city like true tourists do. am amazed at how much this city has to offer and how much is packed into such small spaces. i appreciate it even more when we can share it with friends. 

its also amazing to me how halloween immediately brings in the holidays. as we walked the city the night after a fun-packed halloween, butterflies were my stomach as thoughts of the upcoming months bring family, togetherness, gratitude and love. made me even more excited to see these two perfect beings come december....

{pictures by amanda}
the cutest snow white and best utah cheerleader i have ever seen. 

truly the best time of year. am following in the footsteps of one of my favorite blogger's - project : thankful  - and writing down thoughts of gratitude every day. we all have so much. 

*project thankful: today i am thankful for the sugar and carbo-loading i did this weekend to give me the energy to jog/walk along the embarcadero this morning, the perfect-morning activity. how have i lived here a month and not discovered this gem?

happy monday, and happy november. xo.


Anna said...

glad you had a good weekend! i really need to visit alcatraz.

miss you!

marta said...

what a darling snow white.. thank you for the link. i look forward to reading your thankful thoughts!

Ashley Engar Blackburn said...

happy November to you my darling. Also the word verification to post this was "panis". Just a side note.

Kristen M said...

embarcadero is great. Have you been to farmers market across the way at the Ferry Building?